The Best Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic in 2020

In today’s digital era, marketing is surely one of the vital strategies that brands marketers have to come forward with. Be it social media, email marketing or content management, marketers are asked to be creative and innovative when it comes to marketing. Today, we have technologies that could help the marketers to achieve their goals appropriately with the statistics and budgets. Around 29% of a company’s budget is allotted for technologies that could help the brand to dispose their agenda of marketing.

Marketing technology landscape is one of the craziest graphics that has been the marketing tool in 2019. Supergraphic is eventually the single most quoted, piece of content which is linked to and cut and paste of a marketing marketplace, which subjectifies the content about marketing to the marketers. Supergraphic is annually released which is a vital day for any organization. Instant brand recognition has been able to witness because of the landscape supergraphic banco de venezuela. Martech is composed of two words, ‘Market’ and ‘Technology’. The word refers to the tool or software that marketers use to plan, analyze or measure the marketing campaigns. The Martech market now values about $100 billion, approx.

In 2019, landscape supergraphic has won over the title of best marketing technology in the market. Previously in 2018, Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic held more than 1,500 solutions which reached up a whooping of 6,800. This year, the number of solutions stood out by 200 which reached up to 7,040. 

As the marketing strategy of Technology Landscape Supergraphic is now playing a vital role in managing the marketing statistics, below are listed the core categories of Martech:


Advertising is one of the essential tools to marketize a product. Search engine marketing, the process of achieving web traffic by buying ads on search engines are usually used to maintain campaigns and monitor competitions. Social media advertisement, are designated to manage the social media ads.

Content Marketing

By creating valuable and relative content, we can attract and retain a defined audience to our product. SEO tools are used to rank the websites in SERPs and generate more relevant traffic. Through marketing automation, marketers can automate marketing tools digitally to help them link with the leads.

Social Media Marketing

Across social media platforms, social media marketing can connect you and your brands to the defined audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are platforms where you can connect socially. The social media martech tools can allow you to manage campaigns by tracking social conversations. Through Influencer marketing, you can gain endorsements from industries. You can connect with leaders and influencers through Influencer marketing tools.

Commerce and Sales

To balance the martech stack, sales automation with customer relationship management is essential for a successful marketing campaign. The entire sales process can be automated by sales automation tools which could reduce the manual power for Customer support is essential to maintain a streamlined communication with your customers. CRM eventually serves you with a hub to organize and manage the data.

Data and Analytics

Organizations need to access, integrate and analyze data to gain a 360-degree view of customer and insights of the organization which is enable because of data and analytics tools. Customer data platforms will help you to aggregate and organize customer data. Data analytics tools will enable you to get the full insights of your organization. Web analytics will ensure to analyze web traffic which is essential for the optimization of site and campaign performance.

Management and Collaboration

Organizations require to be organized and productive. Management and collaborative tools will allow you to do so. It is one of the vital inclusions of martech stack. Communication tools will allow communication along the group. Whereas, project management and workflow will help the teams to track and manage the workflow.


As the technological demands are on rise, Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic has been one of the most essential tools of Marketing in 2019. Companies and brands require marketing tools and solutions to up bring their products. The effective martech stack has been beneficial in reflecting the insights of the marketing strategies of the company. The scale of marketing solution increased in 2019 than previous years.

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