Mckayla Maroney Nude – Photos of the Underage Labelled ‘Child Pornography’

The Incident of Snapsaved

There has recently been a lot of reports submitted to the cyber-crime for such issues. Recently Snapchat, a social media application which is used to send snaps and upload stories faced an issues. The pictures saved and sent on Snapchat were posted on the internet without any warning or heads up. Although the application took responsibility of what happened, there are many such issues related to personal videos and photos being leaked on the internet which are reported to the cybercrime every other day now. 

Turns out, there is a website called ‘Snapsaved’ where people receive videos and pictures and are allowed to save them online. Snapsaved recently realized that it wasn’t Snapchat whose data was hacked, it was theirs. They immediately deleted the entire website along with every single data on it to prevent the leakage from happening. However, they couldn’t save the 500 megabyte of data which was already stolen by the time they realized their mistake. 

The data shows that the images which were leaked were mostly of celebrities and their nudes. There has been about 90,000 nudes of certain celebrities which have already been leaked to the public and are on the internet by now. Most of the pictures were naked or undressed pictures of teenagers which directly goes under the category of child pornography. 

Mckayla Rose Maroney

Mckayla Rose Maroney.

Mckayla Rose Maroney was born on 9th of December 1995. Mckayla is an American gymnast who has quitted her career as a gymnast by now. Mckayla started her career in 2009 and retired from her career in 2016. 

She was a part of the American women’s gymnastics team in the 2012 summer Olympics. In the summer Olympics in 2012, Mckayla Maroney received a gold medal for her performance. On the other hand, Mckayla was also a part of the champion’s team at the 2011 World Champions. Mckayla received the gold medal in the 2012 Olympics and managed to defend her title as the owner of gold medal in the 2013 World Champions as well. Mckayla was the first female gymnast to defend the title of receiving the gold medal. The gold medal owner retired from the field in 2016.

The incident that recently happened with Snapsaved revealing the pictures and more accurately nudes of celebrities included the leakage of the nudes of Mckayla Rose Maroney. The naked pictures of the celebrity was leaked and was all over the internet. Although, Mckayla Rose Maroney claimed recently that the pictures which were leaked were pretty old and it was of her time when she was a teenager. 

On this claim, the sent moderators of the threads on 4Chan as well as Reddit removed the pictures as fast as this could keeping in track that the pictures were sent in the teenage years of the girl which makes them a piece of child pornography. The pictures were removed from the internet as fast as it could have.  

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