The City Of Money Scams – Craigslist Greenville, SC.

Greenville, a beautiful city located in South Carolina is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is definitely a city to at least visit once in your life for vacations. There are a lot of places one can visit in Greenville, SC in order to enjoy and make the most out of their time in Greenville. According to the National Council for Home safety and security, Greenville is in the top 20 safest cities in South Carolina to live. So, if you are planning to move to a new place for peace and change in life, Greenville in South Carolina is one of your options available. 

On the other hand, scams take place all over the world no matter what place. Although the city of money scams is said to be Greenville, South Carolina. There has been many scandals reported in the city for money scams via craigslist. Craigslist is one of the most convenient ways for people wanting to live in Greenville as well as tourists who plan to stay in the city for a short period of time for vacations or holidays. For those who don’t know, craigslist is a list of advertisement website which is devoted to jobs in the particular city, houses or apartments for sale and other items and services for sale. All you have to do is to find the right service or product that you want to avail on craigslist and make the online transaction. Once you get there, the papers and everything will be right in your mail and the place or product is yours. Doesn’t that sound easy? But as easy as it sounds, it is one of the easiest ways to scam someone. Once you get scammed for a property, you get there thinking to own a pretty house and the either the house isn’t there or the owner has no idea of what is going on. So, you just stand there in Greenville, SC and cry for being conned. 

There are some easy hacks that you can use to identity if the craigslist offer is true or a scam. Use these guide and you can easily save yourself from all the scams on craigslist. 

Too Good to Be True

The deals which sound too sweet and sugary are usually the ones who are a scam. One cannot offer something too good that would probably sound as if they are the ones bearing a loss. If you think that the offer is too good to be true, make sure to dig a little deeper and get to the actual owner or the person offering the deal. As impeccable as the deal is, it is a chance that it is as shady as well. The craigslist Greenville, SC must have deals which are scams and to make it more desirable, they give extra incentive so the person would definitely fall for it. 

Urgency Is Probably a Scam. 

Make sure to always take your time when you are buying something off of craigslist. There has been many cases in craigslist Greenville, SC where the seller was in an urgency or out of time so they had to move quickly and turned out to be a scam. In these cases, when the seller claims to be out of time or says that it is an urgent matter, they are usually stealing time from the buyer to research. The better the deal, the more you would want to avail it and making it a matter of urgency, they take away that time from you. You don’t get a time to research about it and end up making the deal. When the deal is sealed and the online payment is made, there is no service or product to be found. So make sure to take your time, dig the deal deeper and ensure to be satisfied before sealing the deal. 

Meet The Person

You never really know who you are dealing with on the internet or over social media. You could never be sure who is on the other end of the screen. Many cases in craigslist Greenville, SC has reported fake identities. Make sure you have an idea of who you are actually dealing with. One perfect tip to avoid such scams on craigslist is to make sure to have a physical meeting with whoever you are making a deal with. This would help prove the authenticity of the person you are dealing with before making the deal. Don’t seal your deals with the computers!

Avoid Paying Before Taking Custody

Some of the most common craigslist Greenville, SC scams includes the payment of service or product before taking custody of it. Ensure the ownership of whatever you are buying on the craigslist before paying for it. What is left for the seller to lose or be afraid of once they have their payment in their hands? Nothing! So, make sure to never pay before getting full ownership of that product or service that you are paying for unless totally necessary.

Be Sure

You never know who you are making a deal with, you haven’t known the person for any time. One of the safest tips you can rely on to avoid the craigslist Greenville, SC scams is to ensure that the person you are dealing with is authentic. You can take help from anyone living in Greenville, SC to check up on the person. Be sure who you are dealing with before making the transaction. Your money is important. 


It is really easy for people to scam others these days. There has been a lot of scams on craigslist especially in Greenville, SC. These tips would help you stay safe and avoid you from facing scams which are usually pretty easy for frauds to do. Make sure to keep in mind the tips mentioned above to avoid scams and make authentic and peaceful deals even over craigslist.

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